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Creating Deeper and personal connections by building more immediate trust through one-to-one bi-directional calls or holoportation as virtual keynote speaker.



Collaborate and project yourself in real-time with your photorealistic self in mixed reality to interact as if you are there in person for video calls or with other team members.


Imagine new ways for story-telling and offer engaging content.
Holographic images offer more memorable and vibrant experiences where you can be with your hero.

Training AR Home


Cross time and space with true depth models and multiple Holos interacting in digital space to support workforce automation or learning complex skills and techniques.



We are proud to work with our partners



Microsoft believes technology can and should be a force for good and that meaningful innovation can and will contribute to a brighter world in big and small ways. So do we, at Imverse.



Logitech designs products and experiences that have an everyday place our lives with major innovations. For each product, teams focus on how customers connect and interact with the digital world.



HTC goes where others haven't thought to. Breaking down barriers and creating industry firsts is a large part of their history. HTC continues to expand into uncharted product territories.

Collaboration opportunities

It is time to add realism to our virtual communications, and remove the boundaries of digital and physical world.
It is time to transform your industry, let’s do it together.

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Our Beta is now live. Now you can experience a revolutionary voxel engine, and volumetric contents where and when you want.

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