Bringing reality live into the metaverse

Enabling authentic holoportation in real-time and at scale


Imverse is a software company with the vision of bringing reality live into the Metaverse. Our solutions enable authentic holoportation in real-time and at scale for enterprises and creators.

Multi-person live volumetric video powered by voxels, with no need for green screens or cloud services, with a portable multi-camera system our software can stream 3D holograms to remote experiences in XR and lightfield displays.

Imverse’s holographic telepresence enables a person to perform actions in a distant or virtual location and participate in enterprise virtual events, meetings, corporate keynote presentations, remote training and videconferencing as if they were physically present.

Regain natural interactions, eye contact, and reduce virtual fatigue by building digital solutions in which embodiment, presence and agency are key for more engaging and effective social experiences than their 2D versions.


Entreprise Virtual Event

Give the possibility to your board to speak simultaneously and live to all your employees.
You are at the same time in the headquarters, in the subsidiaries, you appear in 3D and live on the screens and smartphones of your employees.

Corporate Keynote Speakers

From a multi-camera capture, we project live the real avatar of the keynote speaker on stage.

You are at the same time at home in Europe and live on stage in the USA.

Interview Broadcasting

With Imverse, you can lead interviews wherever you are.

Your inteviewer will appear in 3D as if you were in the same room, here is what to reduce the distances and add spice to your interviews!

Collaboration and remote training

Experiencing something in 3D with real-life physical movement increases retention of the information being taught.

Live Volumetric video provides presence, where people feel like they’re actually in an environment where they can interact at scale.

Enterprise videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is ideal for geographically distributed teams.

Our 3D video conference solution provides immersive tele-presence and natural representation of all participants to enhance quality of human-centered communication.

Virtual meeting

In face-to-face interaction, nonverbal communication is natural and we interpret gestures subconsciously. But in video chats, we have to work harder to send and receive signals.

We offer real-time 3D interaction, as if you were around the same desk.


 “We enable big tech companies to create products providing authentic holoportation experiences. As an enterprise, you will build prototypes using our software technology. 

Javier bello Ruiz | CEO




We are proud to work with our partners



Microsoft believes technology can and should be a force for good and that meaningful innovation can and will contribute to a brighter world in big and small ways. So do we, at Imverse.



Logitech designs products and experiences that have an everyday place our lives with major innovations. For each product, teams focus on how customers connect and interact with the digital world.



HTC goes where others haven't thought to. Breaking down barriers and creating industry firsts is a large part of their history. HTC continues to expand into uncharted product territories.


What if we collaborate together?

Wheter you are a large consulting firm or a technology company, you are currently working on developing immersive business solutions for your clients.

Distance learning, hybrid collaboration, corporate meetings, the possibilities are endless.

If you think like us that our human and realistic appearance is important in these projects, contact us today and let’s join our forces to drive holoportation in the world.


Imverse’s CEO: one of the
2022 Digital Shapers

Imverse secures $4.8M for Holographic Conferencing

Imverse raises USD 4.8 million enabling breakthrough in
real-time 3D graphics and live holograms lands



Are you a developer ?

You are a creator or an enterprise developer and you want to launch a volumetric video acquisition with Azure Kinects and see the rendering in 3D in your Unity and Unreal projects ?

Our beta version will allow you to test a real telepresence solution.

Start today in the Metaverse with your real 3D avatar, at scale and in real time.

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