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IMVERSE Holo is a software that helps you set up multi-camera systems for live volumetric video capture with no need for green screens or cloud services.

It is currently compatible with up to 3 Microsoft Azure Kinect cameras connected to a single PC, enabling both real-time and recorded holograms.

This version is FREE, captures LIVE, and provides a plugin to UNITY allowing you to include real-time or recorded holograms in your OpenXR or regular projects.

Once you create an account with us, you will find information and instructions on how to create your own setup with consumer hardware. Simply start with 1 camera and your laptop!

We will soon release a PLUS version for up to 9 cameras with live 3D streaming so stay tuned.

If you are interested in using or integrating our Live 3D capture, rendering and streaming technology for other use cases including mobile devices, or simply want to learn more, please contact us.


  • Digital 3D Humans
  • volumetric
    3D pixels

We beam people as Live 3D holograms using commercial cameras and our real-time 3D graphics engine.

The core technology is based on Voxels (volumetric pixels) which are rendered and streamed Live to produce realistic 3D digital humans and content that can be viewed on any display or device.

Our proprietary volumetric graphics format can be integrated into your existing products and services or used to create entirely new ones.

Flexible Capture system

  • Flexible
  • For any

We provide optimal options for different use cases – from frontal upper body to full-body and multiple people capture with standard commercial hardware, no green screens required.

Our system is affordable, portable and flexible enough to meet any theme or use case. It can be installed virtually anywhere – live event stages, offices, consumer venues, even your home.


  • Connected
  • 3D Live

We holoport people from different locations into a chosen virtual environment and enable bidirectional holographic calls.

Volumetric Telepresence powers engaging and authentic remote interactions akin to real life by creating shared spaces, agency and interactivity.

Our software captures, compresses, streams and renders 3D holograms across locations with no latency, enables unidirectional one-to-many webcasting, bidirectional interactive video-conferencing and, soon, many-to-many solutions.


About Imverse

Powering the LIVE 3D future of content and communications

  • 3D
  • XR

IMVERSE is a B2B2C company providing voxel solutions for Live Holograms and Real-Time 3D Graphics with applications across Social Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Marketing & E-Commerce, Remote Work & Training, Teleconferencing.

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